About Me

Parth Joshi

Diligent High School Senior Who Is Passionate About Computer Science

Parth Joshi

Parth Joshi is a high school senior who has been passionate about computer science since seventh grade. He started his computer science journey with Python and the Raspberry Pi. He built maze-following robots using the Raspberry Pi. He then progressed to web development where he has gained proficiency in frontend and backend development. Throughout high school, Parth has worked on many engineering projects such as an Opiod Addiction Prevention Pill Capsule, a Handwritten Text Recognition System using TensorFlow, and a web application that suggests a grocery list and recipes based on the dietary restrictions of a family. In each of these projects, Parth has displayed a variety of team-oriented skills such as leadership, communication, and adaptability.

Parth has branched out from Computer Science to activism. He is a passionate environmental advocate who helped lead a program to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that the school consumes. He has taken part in many environmental protests and hopes to take part in more in the future. His main goal is to better his community and help lift people around him. As the Ebook Program Manager at the Dublin Library, he has created training material for future batches of volunteers and assisted senior citizens with the Ebook Program. As an Elite Volunteer at the Chabot Space and Science Center, Parth teaches the youth about the wonders of science in order to give them the same passion for science that he has.

Parth’s path of activism and computer science has led him to start the Parth and Pratham show with his good friend Pratham Dalal. In July 2020, the month this podcast was created, there was massive amounts of social unrest due to the murder of George Floyd. Parth and Pratham realized that they had a duty to inform the people about this topic as well as display the stories of their community. With Parth’s expertise in Computer Science and Pratham’s expertise in Journalism and Communication, they form the perfect duo for hosting this Podcast. Until this issue is solved, all the revenue made by the Parth and Pratham show will go to different charities and foundations relating to the Black Live Matter movement. Our goal is to explore all the many opinions that people have in a respectful manner. Our goal is to educate the community and put the stories of others on display.