About Me

Pratham Dalal

High School Senior Passionate About Journalism and Communication

Pratham Dalal

Pratham Dalal is a Senior at Dublin High School. He has been doing Martial Arts for 4 years. He is a staff writer for the Dublin Shield and is interested in communication. Outside of school, he maintains his own blog and is part of a media-making community called YR Media based out of Oakland, California. Here he learns the basics of media making and the different platforms where news can be spread. Currently, he is interested in producing articles where the reader is able to interact with the information.

Pratham is a huge fan of sports in the Bay Area. His dream is to become a professional sports broadcaster for his hometown team the San Fransisco 49ers. He also enjoys watching the Golden State Warriors. In order to pursue his dream, he has created a podcast titled 49ers on the radio. Here he rewatches San Fransisco 49ers games and commentates over them.

At school, he has led an environmental task force with the intention of reducing the number of plastic products on the school campus. In addition to this, he volunteers as a mentor 3 days a week in the Freshmen Mentorship Program to help incoming freshmen assimilate to their new high school life. This program helps increase his confidence in public speaking.